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Different Types of Cyclones or Storms and Safety Tips

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Every year, USA is battered by numerous hailstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, hurricanes, and tropical storms causing heavy loss of life and property despite sending out warning signs well in advance. The nation has in place state-of-the-art early warning systems that send out alarm signals much before a natural disaster or catastrophe strikes a particular region or zone. Majority of Americans living in disaster-prone zones and areas are covered by relevant insurance policies furnishing financial security against most of the calamities with the notable exceptions of earthquakes and floods as the occurrence of latter natural disasters are less frequent compared to hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms.     


Thunderstorms occur most extensively and frequently along the entire stretch of the Gulf Coast of Florida. The thunderstorms are characterized by high-speed winds blowing in a straight line, streaks of lightning accompanied by loud bursts, tornadoes, and hails. Storms blowing at speeds upwards of 80kms and gigantic troughs of water wreak havoc on the mainland territories flattening down homes, automobiles, offices, and other real estates. Large-scale destruction of electric supply lines and grids ensure that inhabitants remain in darkness for several days. However, warnings in advancement mean most of the inhabitants evacuate the area days before a thunderstorm strikes. It is important to get rid of all kinds of problems with the help of experts. To take help of ant control Elkhart, IN you need the help of experts in your area, similarly to get a renovation after a dangerous thunderstorm you will need help of an expert house repair company.


Hailstorms in US hit the central plains and southern states that include Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Hailstorms are typified by hails which are essentially frozen forms of raindrops usually caused by thunderstorms in areas where both rainfall and snowfall are abundant. Numerous residents in the aforementioned states have survived destructive hailstorms after witnessing the extensive damages caused by the same. Hailstorms cause maximum damage to external areas of homes, garages, automobiles, and other kinds of fixed assets.

Ice Storms

When falling droplets of water turn into icy ones, an icy storm develops resulting in resulting freezing rain. Continuously falling icy droplets envelops the ground surface with a thick layer of glazy snow or ice. If the layer of snow is at least 1/4th of an inch or more in thickness or denseness, only then the storm qualifies as an ice-storm. Ice storms can make it difficult for various modes of transportation to be operated smoothly, cause power failures and bring normal life to a standstill.

Snowstorms and whiteouts

Snowstorms, whiteouts, and blizzards are tempests or storms that are more frequent during the winter season. Blizzards can inflict heavy toll on lives and cause incalculable destruction of property owing to the combined fury vented by strong gusts of wind and massive snowfall. Temperatures plummet to many degrees below the 0˚C mark causes the environment to become incredibly freezing and heavy deposition of snow on rooftops of houses and buildings more often than not lead to their collapse.


A tropical cyclone in its most menacing and fiercest form is defined as a hurricane. Characterized by stormy swells or surges, heavy rainfall, and winds blowing at speeds upwards of 70 mph, hurricanes wreak large-scale destruction when it makes a landfall.

Each and every state in the US has a meteorological department and several natural disaster management groups that assist residents in various ways when it comes to preparing adequately before an impending calamity strikes.      



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